• Image of ANGELS USA "Vh1 Drunk"
  • Image of ANGELS USA "Vh1 Drunk"

ANGELS USA "Vh1 Drunk"
Artwork by CF

We all remember where we were when we first heard ANGELS USA VH1 DRUNK. Indeed, the historic recording gave us all something to live for, whether it was the beloved characters it brought into our lives--Yearnin’ Ernie, Miss Hotmelons, Geester of Princeton and Buzzy, Iked-Out Jezebel and Lingerie Jack, the Human Bovine, Kid Cowboy and of course the irascible Bike Shizzer, or even the delicious chip flavors that tickled our fancy--Bicky, Towne Toaste, Tri-Tip, Dank Burrito, Dank Panini, Chai Latte, Chicken Pizza, Gringo Melon, Queso Blanco, Fettuccine, Chicken Cherry Cola, the Marriage of Figaro, Kiss of Michael, Cat Fur, or even the one and only Club Sandwich!
Now, for a limited time, you can take home your very own piece of this generation-defining event. So grab your favorite slice of chicken pizza and take a bubble bath down memory lane: just like you remember it, it’s the week of Darren Davis Remembrance Day, in the thrilling lead-up to the official release of the MichaelChip and its promise of a mysterious “Chip Drop”, while the world waits with baited breath to discover the whereabouts of the missing director of the renowned films "The Dad’n It!" and "Baby on Top!" ANGELS USA VH1 DRUNK: it’s all we’ve got left.

VIDEO PREVIEW: http://youtu.be/U9dKQ4Qk0UM

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