• Image of FANTAMATRES "Contacto Salino"
  • Image of FANTAMATRES "Contacto Salino"

FANTAMATRES "Contacto Salino"

Fantamatres is the outrageous duo formed by Giovanni Donadini (Nastro Mortal, Ottaven, With Love) and Sissy Biasin (Teatro Satanico, Teatrino della Volpe)

Sissy Biasin grew up in the exciting and paranoid late 70's in Veneto, Italy,
probably the most grey and productive area of the spaghetti-land.
Friends with the infamous Great Complotto in Pordenone and prime movers of the italian industrial scene with Teatro Satanico and Teatrino della Volpe.
Mail Art activist and lovers of all the dark, lugubrious, funny and cheesy vernacular tales he mixed all those influences in really personal verbal output.
He works in a Hospital for mental health and he loves his lion, called Sasha.

Giovanni Donadini is one of the most volcanic characters from the italian scene, musician, illustrator, silkscreener and fashion designer for people from pluto.

Fantamatres is a collaboration about italian-regional surreal poetry and cheap pulsing electronics, from italo disco to cosmic synth.

AUDIO PREVIEW: http://soundcloud.com/hundebiss-records/fantamatres-ritmo-digestivo-di

VIDEO PREVIEW: http://youtu.be/7ZERxQ8tCL8