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JAWS "Stress Test
Limited Edition 300 Copies

Artwork: 2 colors offset print on folded recycled paper / full color print on the other side

Jaws is a performance oriented sound from Los Angeles, California.
It employs slithering electronics, confessional narrative, and impromptu stratagems in an effort to brim the optics, confuse the mind and engage the body.
Beginning as an exercise in speed and personality, Jaws has crossed the landscape multiple times, acquiring and discarding forms, tactics and participants with equal aplomb.
Stress Test is the overheated, heaving combination of high-ratchet club dynamics, materially constrained tempos, the island/cosmos hive mind, time sided protest music and the endless highway thrust imbued in all of US.
Its author has created and installed a series of kaleidoscopic audio books refracting the audio/visual condensed environment/shuffle lifestyle in galleries on each of his coasts. He has also worked in performative and editorial capacities with New York City's sound juggernauts Excepter.

Joined VIDEOCLIP http://www.vimeo.com/30358780

Sufferer's Song VIDEOCLIP http://vimeo.com/40428504